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As a full service agency, we have a mediashoping department of course, but we are distinguishably different and, dare to say, conscientious about what media is best for the Client. We always thrive for reaching further in the brand - consumer interaction, as marketing is hardly as straightforward, as it used to be. In two channels we trust mostly - Outdoor and Internet. Wide enough on their own, they have a very interesting to say the least, interacting point, and namely the Digital Outdoor! These are technology based solutions for advertising in a variety of ways out there (hence our moto "Your image outDare"), outdaring and outperforming the rest of channel variety. 

Digitas Nissan W1Fi wifi advert

WiFi advertising networks

Уou enter into the Mall or you’re at the beach, your smartphone automatically finds the free Wifi and on your screen immediately there is the promo event or the icy beverage at hand. The ad sponsor receives the shortest way to instant sales, and the client makes one decision less :) Apart from the joke, the possibilities for the ad sponsor are impressive.





4D Mapping 

With sound animation and effects upon buildings or any objects (birthday cakes for instance), through complicated software and hardware, allowing virtually endless possibilities in message. 4 D Mapping is different from 3 D in that it includes more senses than visual. For instance a 3 D projection mapping for aroma detergent, combined with real smell of the floral scent turns the 3D into 4D mapping.



virtual reality marketing


Virtual Reality

Virtual Realityactivities and service, extremely suitable for certain business sectors, such as real estate. The Virtual technology includes preparation of the Augmented content, and or filming of objects, the VR rift or glasses, and organization of the suitable marketing activity context.



case studies screenshots


Image recognition through the smart phone

Interesting campaign activity, allowingimage analysis, according to entry parameters. Extremely successful campaign for Kia Motors is accomplished with over two million subscribers.



 and more...

  • Drone services – filming of objects, campaigns, events, drone rental and more

  • Mobile application development – probably the shortest way to direct sales, but compiled with many more possibilities – here they are

  • Digital Billboard campaigns and sale – the video message would most probably outplace the traditional billboards, that is why you can already show your product or service with a short video clip on a digital billboard. Please ask for details.