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viber image5Outdoor advertising is a powerful marketing tool that allows both tactical and strategic media with exceptional image-effect. These are the reasons why it is widely advocated in the communication channels of large companies. Advertisers use billboards, megaboards and other outdoor media tools to:

• Rapidly disseminate new product or service;
• Draw attention to a new promotional price;
• Establish brand image;

Pandavision™ is an Outdoor and creative Mediashop able to offer competitive prices for Megaboard and Billboard campaigns in Sofia, National Road Network and the Regional Centers. For our clients we also hire roadside panels, city-lights, bus stops, metropolitan locations, scrollers, highway tunnel tops, mesh, public transport and more, at preferential prices. Call us and check our prices and other important terms of the performance of your campaigns.


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Roof top openwork letters own positions
Billboards 4 x 3m
City – lights 1.20 x 1.80m
Bus station

Roadside panels at key locations
Megaboards 8x3m, 8x4m, 12x5m
Highway Tunnel Tops 12x 4m
Wall Panels
Public Transport
City lights


Rooftop advertising and ad networks - mesh

Under the new ordinance for placement of advertising elements in urban environments roof advertising can only be accomplished by placing a sign made of openwork letters and logo of your brand. So rooftop advertising, along with packaging of buildings with ad networks, or mesh, emerged as the highest class outdoor image advertising, suitable for imposing image of your brand. Facade and roof advertising placed on highly communicative places ensures high “mandatory viewing”, which in its turn increases the brand awareness and promotion.



Currently we are able to offer these premium locations facades for Rooftop openwork advertising:

• Bull. Cherni Vrah intersection with Blvd. James Boucher, Str. Bigla and str. Dragalevska - at Kempinski - Zografski. The roof overlooks the entire street intersection space otherwise known as the Cross.
• Vazrazhdane Square, crossing. Stambolijski Boulevard and Hristo Botev Boulevard . The roof is visible from all sides of the intersection, towards the NPC. The location offers advertising network facade - Rooftop and mesh construction.
• Ring Road at the roundabout for bul. Cherni Vrah, direction IKEA. Location available for facade advertising Rooftop structure and roadside panels.
• Street. Gen. Gourko between Blvd. Vasil Levski and blvd. Rakovska - location available for facade Advertising Network - mesh.