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services diagWe craft web sites as we carefully research all Client’s needs, followed by independent research of benchmark practices in the field. Then we do detailed analysis, taking into account all factors and suggest a thorough plan for the new site. In this way we are closer to your strategic Web Marketing than to simply uploading a site.

In order to meet Clients’ expectations, we discuss our proposal thoroughly with the Client and modify if needed. Than costing of what is approved between the two sides follows and we are ready to start.

In cases of the so called “visit card” sites, that are only needed for a simple presentation of the company, the process is fairly straightforward and offering happens within a couple of days.

We work in line with the Client, depending upon his need or wish either for Web Design, or functionalities, PR Modules, shrifts, types of visualizations, need of Mobile App, etc.  Delivering a Web site means for us uploading the Content, whenever applicable, on-page optimization for search engines - SEO, incorporating Google Analytics, Google Web Master Tools, Facebook pixel, etc. We also advice on content, preparing content with the aim of Content Marketing, uploading modules for Social Networks and more.

Clients definitely find ever more attracting the fact that we can make also their Mobile App, their Marketing Strategy, or media marketing plan. We save you tons of your time and budget in this way.

In case you have any question, please feel free to contact us through our contact form, our chat form or simply call us: 00359 2 444198, or mobile: 00359 8888 64634